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Water Trauma & Concussions

Water Trauma – If I hit my head on water, can I still get a concussion? We see many athletes in our office. Many are being seen for sustaining concussions during practice or games/competitions, including water sports. Water trauma can occur in sports like water skiing, wake boarding, and diving. Our most recent patient was […]

NFL Concussion Protocol

NFL Concussion Protocol and QB Matt Moore’s Playoff Hit In the first round of 2017 NFL post-season football, quarterback Matt Moore of the Miami Dolphins took a hit from Bud Dupree that floored him for at least 2 minutes, and sidelined him for a single play. The controversy of the article sheds light on the […]

What I wish I knew

What I Wish I Knew Before My Child’s Concussion The story referenced here is from the point of view of a mother whose child sustained a concussion. She discusses how her daughter was injured, the symptoms she experienced, how long things lasted, and what she wishes she had known BEFORE her daughter ever suffered a […]

ATTENTION ATHLETES- Is your concussion gone?

Concussion Symptoms Gone It’s possible that your concussion symptoms are gone. However, is your concussion gone? We see kids and adults all the time with concussions. The sad part is that quite often the concussion symptoms are gone pretty quickly, but the injury is still there. Are my concussion symptoms gone? These people resume regular activities too […]

Return to School and Play Following Concussion

When should children return to school and play following concussion? Taking the proper steps after your child has suffered a concussion can help your child return to activities following concussion. In a report written at, it said the following: Approximately 300,000 high school athletes are diagnosed with concussion annually, and managing their return to […]