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Concussion Symptoms Gone

It’s possible that your concussion symptoms are gone. However, is your concussion gone? We see kids and adults all the time with concussions. The sad part is that quite often the concussion symptoms are gone pretty quickly, but the injury is still there.

concussion symptoms gone

Are my concussion symptoms gone?

These people resume regular activities too quickly and put themselves in danger of a Second Impact Syndrome, often with very long term consequences.

If we could show an image of the inflammatory process happening withing the brain via microglial activation, people would take these injuries much more seriously.

If you’ve had or know someone who is dealing with any concussion symptoms, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more information.

The following is taken from the NY Times article:

A single concussion experienced by a child or teenager may have lasting repercussions on mental health and intellectual and physical functioning throughout adulthood, and multiple head injuries increase the risks of later problems, according to one of the largest, most elaborate studies to date of the impacts of head trauma on the young.

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