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When we talk about retraining your vision, we aren’t talking about your need for glasses.SVI Vision Integration

Retraining your eyes reduces the amount of energy you spend actually trying to keep your eyes on the target you’re looking at.

If you cannot see what you’re trying to see, then your body will go into stress mode and begin compensating, which throws off the balance of your entire system.

You see (no pun intended), when you have trouble holding your eyes on a target (called gaze stabilization in the neurology world), you experience issues with:

These problems with vision and gaze stabilization are associated with many other conditions.

Concussions are one of the most common disruptions in gaze stabilization. Patients with chronic pain/fibromyalgia and anxiety often show breakdown in gaze stability as well.

Other problems with the cerebellum like cerebellar ataxia and metabolic issues like diabetes, inflammation, anemia, methylation issues, gut-related issues etc, often have poor gaze stabilization integrity as well.

Once you begin retraining your eyes to stay on target, tracking a moving object and then fixating on a new target as well as holding on a target while you move your head or are in motion, you’ll see almost immediate results with reduction in symptoms and improvement in performance.