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Functional Neurology

Re-wire and strengthen the connection between your brain and body with non-invasive and drug-free therapies that have shown time and time again to help a myriad of conditions.

Functional Neurology has helped individuals of all ages, especially those that have suffered concussions, migraines, dizziness and vertigo, chronic regional pain syndrome, ataxia, insomnia, and others. Treatments commonly consist of a series of gentle nerve stimulation, hand-eye coordination exercises, and body movements as well as specific head and eye exercises to help correct abnormal neurological exam findings and to improve performance.

When the findings begin to stabilize or return to normal, patients almost always begin feeling better. Functional Neurology is based on an extensive understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles that coordinate, move and balance the skeletal structure of our bodies.

How does Functional Neurology work?

Functional Neurology (aka chiropractic neurology) works through activation of receptors located throughout our body (think the 5 senses light, sound, taste, touch, smell + special senses of movement, inner ear function, gut/digestion, and autonomic/cognition). All receptors travel by way of signals between our environment and the nerves of our bodies.  Our brains receive information, process it, and make a decision on how to react to it.

  • Does turning your head make you dizzy?
    • We have the skills to find the problem and fix it.
  • Do you have pain when you move your head, neck, or shoulders?
    • We have the skills to find the problem and fix it.
  • Do you have constipation or diarrhea?
    • There could be infection, bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, under or over vagus nerve function, or even food sensitivities. This can be creating issues elsewhere in your body, and we are trained to find the problem and fix it.

These are just a few conditions we address, please contact us to share with us more about what you have going on specifically.

Contact our office if it sounds like Functional Neurology is what you’re looking for.