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Danica Patrick and Dr. Berry talked about very real and easy steps anyone can take to improve their brain health. Danica wanted to learn more about the fractal aspects of the brain. We dug into how these fractals connect us to the universe, how we are all connected, and how we can use fractal patterns to help our brain health.

You can watch the YouTube video or listen on Danica’s Podcast site.

Ageless Beauty Summit (Audio)

Join Dr. Trevor Berry, a leading figure in integrative neurology, as he discusses innovative treatments inspired by his experiences with psoriatic arthritis and family genetic risks for Alzheimer’s. Discover the role of lasers in promoting brain stem cell growth, the importance of exercise in neuroplasticity, and the links between chronic inflammation, the Western diet, and brain health.

 Explore the benefits of light-based treatments for neurogenesis and cellular energy production, and learn how combining laser therapy with activities like memory exercises enhances gray matter activity. Dr. Berry also shares insights into how his personal interests impact his wellbeing.