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Dr. Berry COVID-19 Webinar Recommended Supplementation for Immune Support

For Enhanced Immune Support:
OliveDefense- promotes healthy immune function
Viragraphis- Supports  healthy immune and respiratory function
Resveratin Plus-
NAC- Supports immune and antioxidents activity in all body cells
ImmunotiX 250- Supports the body against seasonal immune challenges
IG26 DF (caution: contains egg)- promotes passive immunity and balanced cytokine production
Omega Monopure DHA
Foundational Immune Support:
Xcellent A 7500 (Vitamin A)- supports a healthy gut lining and immune function
Probiomax Daily DF- Supports a healthy microbiome and immune system
Xcellent C- Supports immune and antioxident systems
D3 Liquid- Supports and modulates the immune system
Zinc Glycinate- Promotes immune and reproductive health
Oncoplex ES

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