If what you’re suffering from has your physicians “stumped” or you feel like you’ve “lost hope”, then we are here to help guide you down a healthy road to recovery. At ACNC we aim to answer your most difficult questions with concise explanations that are backed by the most up-to-date science and research from every field of healthcare.

Open House a Success

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Concussion Therapy Session

SVI Hand-Eye Vision Re-Integration

A 50″ touch screen monitor to help retrain your hand-eye coordination, reaction times and accuracy.
SVI Vision Integration

FDA Approved Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy



Videonystagmography and Saccadometry

These diagnostics allow us to trace your exact eye movements and develop treatments to improve them.


Decompression and Mechanical Traction


Treatment Rooms

Treatment Room 1
Treatment Room 2