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Water Trauma – If I hit my head on water, can I still get a concussion?

We see many athletes in our office. Many are being seen for sustaining concussions during practice or games/competitions, including water sports. Water trauma can occur in sports like water skiing, wake boarding, and diving.

water trauma

Our most recent patient was a wake boarder who was experiencing severe GI pains and migraines as a result of sustaining approximately 4-5 concussions over the last 5 years or so, all from hitting her head on the water and she was really starting to feel the effects of them.

She had tried chiropractic and medications, PT, other natural remedies, but is still having debilitating headaches and terrible GI complaints. She was just getting ready to try Botox for the headaches and was ready to live with her terrible GI issues when she heard of our office, and our natural approach to healing concussions.

It all started with the evaluation.

Immediately, I was able to see on the oculography testing we perform that there were serious abnormalities for a person of her age. She was unable to look at a target without her eyes bouncing around, was unable to track a target smoothly in any direction, and was inaccurate when jumping from target to target. When evaluating gait and balance, she couldn’t control the right side of her body anywhere near how well she controlled her left side. Imagine how much energy she’s putting into concentrating and even walking or driving with all these issues going on.

We discussed what we found, where in the brain these problems reside, how they all related to her complaints and we discussed our plan to improve the function in all these areas to help her with the two main problems she was experiencing- Migraines and GI dysfunction.

She left very excited that someone finally was able to tell her why she was feeling like this, and was excited to hear that someone had a plan for her.

Keep following our blogs to stay up to date on some of the patients we are working with, and please refer any family or friends who are suffering for at least an evaluation, to see if we can help them too.