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NFL Concussion Protocol and QB Matt Moore’s Playoff Hit

In the first round of 2017 NFL post-season football, quarterback Matt Moore of the Miami Dolphins took a hit from Bud Dupree that floored him for at least 2 minutes, and sidelined him for a single play.

The controversy of the article sheds light on the fact that Moore clearly took a massive hit, and that anyone watching on TV could make a very educated guess that he suffered a concussion. I mean, how often do quarterbacks take hits and end up lying on the ground, rolling in pain after taking a helmet straight to the chin strap?

Can the NFL concussion protocol change to help players?

What could the medical team have done to better serve Matt Moore?

*View Video of hit Here* 

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When someone receives a high impact to the head such as Moore did, there are physical, chemical, and immunologic changes that happen immediately. Blood vessels burst, neurons shear, neurotransmitter explode into the space between neurons, and the immune system is triggered as if a national emergency has just occurred.

They could have checked the following to help determine if he had a concussion or not:


In our office we check all of these above, and much more. This helps to provide us with the information necessary to identify where in your brain the damage actually happened, what is weak, what is still strong, and helps to identify what rehabilitation exercises we can use to help you get better.

We are confident that you will improve if you follow our guidance. In our office we put the power in your hands, giving you the tools to use to help get yourself better, faster.

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Full link to article in Washington Post