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3 Most Common Causes of Sciatica

#1 Herniated Discs or Bulging Discs in the Low Back Herniated discs are by far the most common cause of sciatica we see in our office. The most common symptoms associated with a herniated disc causing sciatica is often acute moderate to severe low back or hip pain with burning or pain down the back […]

Constipation and the Brain-Gut Axis

Constipation can be a major problem. It affects daily life. It can make or break someone’s day. Yet, statistics show that 1 in 6 Americans live with chronic constipation. It is estimated that $725 million dollars are spent yearly on laxatives. These can get things moving (no pun intended)… but do not correct the underlying […]

Things to consider when working with children and adults with migraines

Chronic headaches can be cause for alarm. We work with children and adults with chronic headaches and Migraines and have had excellent results in their outcomes. We’ve found often times that mothers and daughters tend to exhibit common symptoms in regards to these headaches, so it is a good idea for the family to be […]

Anxiety, Depression, Migraine- What’s the correlation?

When someone tells me they have anxiety, depression, and/or migraines and the medications they’re on do not seem to be working, a few things go through my mind. When did it start? What makes it worse? What is this person’s diet like? Do they have any food sensitivities? What is their physical exercise schedule like? […]

Migraines and Food Sensitivities

We have a saying in the office, “Migraines always have a trigger”. This applies to all shapes and sizes of migraines. Some of the most common triggers of migraines are food, more specifically food sensitivities, as well as inflammation, hormones, and dysautonomia. Today we will focus on food sensitivities. What is a food sensitivity? Is […]