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When someone tells me they have anxiety, depression, and/or migraines and the medications they’re on do not seem to be working, a few things go through my mind.

When did it start?

What makes it worse?

What is this person’s diet like?

Do they have any food sensitivities?

What is their physical exercise schedule like?

Have they had any head injuries or concussions?

Have they had any physical or emotional traumas?

What is their sleep like?

What is their stress like?

What are their bowel movements like?

How many times have they taken antibiotics in their life?

What treatments have worked in the past?

What treatments haven’t worked in the past?

What are their relationships like?

Anxiety and depression aren’t a deficiency in any specific medication. Anxiety and depression are abnormal firing patterns within the neural networks of the brain. Inflammation, food sensitivities, gut dysbiosis, brain injury, previous history and poorly functioning pathways can be a culprit.

When I have a patient sitting in front of me with anxiety, depression, or migraines, these are the questions I think should and HAVE to be answered as a clinician in order to help them naturally reduce their symptoms.

If you’re someone suffering from Anxiety, Depression, or Migraines, consider a Functional Neurological Evaluation in our office. We’ve been very successful working with these patients in the past.

-Doc T