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Good Sugar? Sugar is sugar: Stop eating it!

What is good sugar? Everyone is looking for the right kind of sugar. The truth is, there isn’t good sugar. There is just sugar.

An excerpt from Dr. Perlmutter on sugar

“The bottom line is that sugar is sugar. It doesn’t matter, and you have to stop eating it.  There’s also a big push these days to use artificial sweeteners, and when you look at the data, your risk for diabetes and obesity is almost twice as high as drinking sugar sweetened beverages. This is not a call for you to drink sugar sweetened beverages, stop drinking them both. Over time when you stop drinking and eating sweets and sugar, you stop satisfying your sweet tooth and it becomes easier and easier for you to make the choice, and avoid sugary substance.”

What he’s telling you is essentially that blood sugar hormones like insulin, leptin, cortisol and other chemicals are released within your body when you eat or drink sugary substances. This happens almost twice as much when you are exposed to artificial substances like aspartame and stevia because chemically the signal that these fake sugars send is so powerful.

Choose water when reaching for a beverage. Don’t replace Dr. Pepper with Diet Dr. Pepper; it’s not what the doctor ordered.

Link to full video here