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thyroidA recap to this point:

This post will review the different patterns of Thyroid dysfunction and will discuss why addressing the cause of the thyroid dysfunction might be a better approach than taking thyroid medication to mask a symptom of a bigger problem.

First I’d like for you to think about this concept.

The thyroid makes it’s hormones all throughout the day depending on the demand of the body. The needs of the body changes throughout the day (exercise, rest, work, stress, eating, digesting, driving, thinking etc), so you’d expect your body to make changes in hormone output throughout the day based on these needs.

Some days you need more, some days you need less.

Now consider this.

When you’re taking thyroid medication, your thyroid medication is released when you take your medication, either once or twice throughout the day. The demand or dosing doesn’t change based on your demands, so you’d be lucky if your dosing matches your need all throughout the day.

Now, I’m not legally allowed to discuss medication management, and that’s not what I’m doing here. I am just posing a question. Please consult your physician for any changes in medications.

Coming up next we will be working through the entire thyroid pathway, and it will hopefully be a video!

If you have any question regarding medication management or autoimmune thyroid, please contact our office and schedule with our Naturopathic Physician Dr. Carlos Santo at 480-756-2600