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Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy- What’s the best intervention? The term “peripheral neuropathy” translates into: feeling of a nerve on the edge of the body. Peripheral is referring to the extremities, like arms, hands, legs, and feet. Neuro means nerve. Pathy means feeling or disease. As a result, the literal meaning describes a feeling in the nerves of your […]

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Water Trauma & Concussions

Water Trauma – If I hit my head on water, can I still get a concussion? We see many athletes in our office. Many are being seen for sustaining concussions during practice or games/competitions, including water sports. Water trauma can occur in sports like water skiing, wake boarding, and diving. Our most recent patient was […]

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Labs Needed

Labs Needed: Is your doctor running these these labs? If you are seeing a doctor for headaches and nothing is helping, read this story. Recently, I had a new patient present to me following 1 year of post-concussion symptoms. She had been to multiple practitioners for her headache, and nothing had helped. Often times hormones […]

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Good Sugar?

Good Sugar? Sugar is sugar: Stop eating it! What is good sugar? Everyone is looking for the right kind of sugar. The truth is, there isn’t good sugar. There is just sugar. An excerpt from Dr. Perlmutter on sugar “The bottom line is that sugar is sugar. It doesn’t matter, and you have to stop […]

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NFL Concussion Protocol

NFL Concussion Protocol and QB Matt Moore’s Playoff Hit In the first round of 2017 NFL post-season football, quarterback Matt Moore of the Miami Dolphins took a hit from Bud Dupree that floored him for at least 2 minutes, and sidelined him for a single play. The controversy of the article sheds light on the […]

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