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Seeking Vertigo Relief

Mary was seeking vertigo relief. She came to us for evaluation after she had 3-4 months of dizziness. Her medical doctor (MD) told her she had a stone in her ear, and she could not do anything about it.


Luckily, her chiropractor said that absolutely something could be done for it and referred her to us.


Sometimes, vertigo and dizziness are not isolated symptoms. You might feel other common conditions, which seem like they are not related.  Common symptoms like nausea, difficulty driving, hearing loss, imbalance and unsteadiness when walking, and migraines occur with vertigo and dizziness.

Seeking vertigo relief


In our office, we use special diagnostic equipment to find the source of the problem. We use videonystagmography, saccadometry and dynamic posturography (balance) testing. These are big fancy words, but they are definitely nothing to be afraid of! When you see words like these, break them down – notice “graph” and “metry” in the words. These are tests that give us measurements, like the words graphic and metrics. These help us determine the source of the problem and take measurements before and after treatment. Therefore, we treat the cause, not mask the symptoms.


Vertigo Relief After 1 Visit

Due to our testing methods, Mary reported complete resolution of her symptoms of dizziness after just 1 visit. As a result, she is now back to living her normal life. She has left “Dizzyland” as she calls it!