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“The take home message boils down to: reduce fructose in your diet if you want to protect your brain– the leader of the research Gomez-Pinilla stressed.”

Reported by Science Daily– Recent research produced in The Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 

With the majority of Americans consuming fructose in the form of processed foods and high fructose corn syrup, UCLA researches are  becoming alarmingly afraid for those suffering a concussion or TBI because of the implications that fructose has on impacting brain recovery.

The difference in HFCS and processed foods VS. fruits which contain fructose is the fiber/nutrients, and antioxidents found in said fruits.

“Our findings suggest that fructose disrupts plasticity — the creation of fresh pathways between brain cells that occurs when we learn or experience something new,” said Gomez-Pinilla, a member of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center. She goes on to say  “That’s a huge obstacle for anyone to overcome — but especially for a TBI patient, who is often struggling to relearn daily routines and how to care for himself or herself.”

The information that research is uncovering about poor diets, inflammatory foods, and now fructose and how it promotes poor neuroplasticity is on the rise.

At Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center we evaluate blood chemistry and run comprehensive lab panels in search of sub-optimal functional changes in patterns associated with dysglycemia, anemia, inflammation, thyroid dysfunction and methylation issues. In addition we focus on providing the most up to date therapies and evaluation tools in our Concussion Relief Center for patients suffering from acute concussions, post-concussion syndrome and concussion symptoms.

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