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New research shows that Anti-cholinergic drugs have been associated with increased hospital and rehabilitation stays in patients who were on these medications prior to brain injury.

(link to full article from MNT here)

One of the main things that injured brains need is proper fueling. If they are not getting proper fueling your brain can undergo “cortical spreading depression” where cells fire uncontrollably then they fatigue and shut down for a period of time. This is essentially what happens with Migraine with Aura, and to an extent seizures.

In our office, we recommend a ketogenic diet for at least the first 4 weeks to all of our patients who have recently sustained a concussion or TBI.  In addition to the diet it is also crucial that you be evaluated with Videonystagmography (VNG), Saccadometry, and Computerized dynamic posturography in addition to a comprehensive neurological and orthopedic examination. This allows us to see which areas are effected and dysfunctional and guides us in your rehab. We perform all of these and functional medicine evaluations of your blood work and physiology in our office.

If you or someone you know has had a concussion, or is currently on these medications and wants to be educated and evaluated after a hit to the head, a car accident, or a sports injury, call 480-756-2600 to schedule your appointment