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migrainesMrs. B has suffered with chronic migraines for years, and used to get 28-30 migraines per month (do the math). She was on 5+ medications, then would continue to get 11-15 migraines per month with Botox Injections and her 5+ medications.
We are happy to announce that just 6 weeks into treatment with neurological care, nutritional and nutraceutical changes, she’s only had 4 migraines in total and is now controlling them by avoiding specific food triggers! This is a breakthrough for her and the first time she’s ever been able to stop one on her own!
The week following this picture was her 25th wedding anniversary, and she wasn’t afraid to go and enjoy herself on vacation!


We have the honor of working with individuals, like Mrs. B, who fight migraines day in and day out for months and years at a time. They are in the trenches, do all the work, and our only job is to guide, educate and help identify the cause of their migraines while we teach them how to keep them from coming back.

I’d like to share another story of migraines. Recently we had the opportunity to evaluate a young girl who has had a migraine for over 30 straight days. 30 days with only a short 6-12 hour period of migraine relief after an ER visit, which was only 1 visit out of many.

When listening to individuals describe their health history, we purposely ask questions related to the onset, or “how did this start?”. We like to even inquire “what happened, or what else was going on around the time this started?”.

You’d be surprised what people tell you next.

Some people give you the EXACT cause to their problem. And in many cases unfortunately, the current medical model only has medication and physical therapy as a tool to try and help these people.

Others don’t have any “onset” to give you. They’ve got a history of poor diet (which they were convinced was healthy). They’re in a stressful job, which they know is a part of the problem. They know they don’t exercise like they should and their new years resolution was to lose weight.

What these people don’t tell you is that they have food sensitivities to the exact foods they’re consuming every day. They’re not telling you that when they get stressed their headaches start. They don’t tell you that their adrenals are failing them, they have leaky gut, and that they’re inflamed.

That’s our job. We ask the right questions to lead us down the path that helps us paint YOUR picture of WHY you came into our office.

Then we evaluate you. We evaluate your balance because that tells us about your muscle tone and how well your brain perceives your body. We look at your eye movements because that can tell us why you’re having issues with neck or back pain, why you’re experiencing issues with concentration and focus and why you can’t sleep. Evaluating your eye movements, balance and coordination can tell us why you’re constantly going to X, Y, and Z doctors, yet you’re really no better than when you started this journey 3 years ago.

We can put the pieces of your health puzzle together, and we can work on the cause of your migraines. Many times it’s as simple as balancing your neurology. Sometimes it’s all about rebuilding your gut health to improve your thyroid function. Sometimes your adrenals are the cause of your migraines. It doesn’t matter what it is, we will do everything we can to identify it and to improve that systems function. Don’t listen to us, listen to Mrs. B’s results in just 6 weeks!