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Foot pain and heel pain is a common problem. Most people have heard of plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the tendon on the bottom part of the foot. Often the pain levels are higher in the morning, and during or after walking or running. Pain at the achilles tendon is also a common occurrence which is typically treated with laser therapy (Our FX635 Lasers have been FDA cleared for this treatment) as well as muscle therapies, adjusting the feet and hips, and other stretches.

Today I want to focus a little more on Neuropathy.

Have you heard of neuropathy?

Neuropathy is described as pain, tingling, numbness, burning or throbbing in the feet (or hands). It is a result of damage to the nerves that innervate the foot, either on the top or the bottom, and because the nerves are trying very hard to stay alive, it’s as if they’re yelling to the brain “HELP ME!” which is the symptoms that people experience.

The most common causes of neuropathy are as follows:

In order to heal neuropathy, you must address all the components that CAUSED the neuropathyneuropathy treatment

If the cause is diabetes, you’ve got to address carbohydrate or elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance. High blood sugar is either from too much carbohydrate intake in the diet, gut infections, chronic inflammation or autoimmunity.

If the cause is inflammation, you must uncover the source of inflammation and address that. You can identify these causes with our Wheat Zoomer panels that evaluate leaky gut and gluten/wheat sensitivities, food sensitivities, comprehensive blood labs and infectious disease panels.

If an autoimmunity is the cause, we run our Neural Zoomer panel to identify what other tissues are involved, or how bad the autoimmunity is. We also combine our Wheat Zoomer and Neural Zoomer with our comprehensive blood lab analysis in order to address all components of your immune system. You must address the immune system, not the symptoms in this situation.

If a low back disc herniation is the cause of your condition, we must address all neurological aspects that go into stabilizing your spine, coordination, balance and biomechanics as well as adjustments and utilizing laser as part of the therapy.


If you know someone with any of the symptoms or conditions listed above, please reach out to our office for an evaluation. The key to healing your body is to making sure ALL components of health are addressed, not just the symptoms.