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Dietary triggers do not necessarily contribute to headaches in all patients; however, a high percentage of our migraine and headache patients do have food triggers. Particular foods may trigger attacks in certain individuals on occasion.

headache food triggers

In order to find out which foods are triggers for you, you’ll want to look into food sensitivity testing. We provide this in our office for chronic headache patients specifically. There are other labs that may help uncover other causes of your headaches.

We’ve found that coffee withdrawals (dependency), sugar dysregulations, hypoglycemia, inflammation, and gluten and dairy sensitivities along with sub-optimal neurological firing and poor neck and rib biomechanics all contribute to headaches and migraines. When all of these are addressed, we’ve had amazing results in our headache patients. See what our patients are saying


When looking at foods, you can download this list ->National Headache Foundation Food List from the National Headache Foundation to see if it can help. Be your own expert by keeping a log of the foods you have eaten before a migraine attack, and see whether the removal of these foods from your diet reduces or eliminates your headaches. Below is a list of foods that may trigger migraine headaches and should be avoided by sufferers.