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Migraines and Headaches have multiple potential causes.

Regarding the structural and neurological aspects, evaluating a patient for chronic headaches or migraines, we assess the neck, the head, the muscles and how they all work together. We also must consider how the neurological system is integrating which includes:




If your headache specialist is not performing this evaluation, you may never reach your full potential with headache resolution.

Food Triggers, Blood Sugar Dysregulation, Leaky Gut, Thyroid Dysfunction, Liver Detox, Adrenals, Hormones

If you’re eating foods that are triggering an inflammatory reaction, then you’re breaking down your gut lining creating leaky gut, which allows MORE poorly broken down foods and amino acids into the system that are trigger MORE inflammation. More inflammation requires more cortisol, which stresses the adrenal glands. More inflammation stresses the liver detoxification system. Inflammation stresses the thyroid.

When inflammation is triggered, your body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormone is released called Cortisol. Cortisol’s main goal is to liberate more glucose from the liver, to increase blood sugar levels during stressful situations (think Fight or Flight and needing energy to run from a bear). If cortisol increases blood sugar, then we have to have a way to get that blood sugar into the cells to be utilized for energy, and that’s the job of Insulin. Insulin is released any time there is a blood sugar spike (consuming sugary/starchy foods, diet sodas or even gum with artificial sweeteners), a cortisol spike (stress), or an inflammatory spike (infection, leaky gut, liver detox issues). If you have numerous insulin surges, then you begin developing insulin resistance, which is the precursor to diabetes. Note that elevated HbA1c levels, along with elevated cortisol levels and inflammation, damage your gut lining, creating leaky gut. Leaky gut allows more amino acids in than should be coming in, and your body reacts to this with inflammation. When inflammation is trigger, this whole story starts over.


Relief from Chronic Migraines


“After my return to town from helping my mother move I started experiencing headaches. Not just a normal headache but one that made me nauseous and had me thinking I should go to the ER. I don’t typically get headaches and this was what I figured people called a migraine. After several hours and a ton of over the counter drugs it subsided, but returned the next day. For several days this went on and my friends were saying I should go to my primary physician. Dr. Berry had helped me for other conditions in the past so I thought I would see him first. Thank god I did or else I bet I’d be on all the migraine drugs my friends are on. After just one treatment he knew exactly what was going on and with his treatment I walked out feeling better. I felt the slight lingering of a headache that night and the next morning but after that I haven’t experienced a single headache of any kind! It’s been over a month and I’m still feeling great. Truly remarkable! I can’t thank him enough and I refer him to everyone I know who’s ever experienced a migraine.”


Our approach to migraine begins with a thorough history and neurological exam. We’ve been told our neurological exam is more in-depth than even a medical neurologist’s exam.
We use neuro-diagnostics, comprehensive blood lab analysis, functional neuro-orthopedic assessments and functional medicine testing to help uncover the real reason you’re having migraines. Once we identify what, where, and why you’re having your migraines, we develop a very specific treatment for you using our proprietary approach to migraine headaches.
We use the most up-to-date therapies to help provide our industry leading results:

Some of our patients have experienced relief in as little as 5 minutes. We can provide rapid relief, yet we are always addressing the underlying cause.

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