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Recently we had a patient present with multiple complaints of blurry vision, dizziness, poor focus, concentration, and poor memory.

He said it made it very hard for him to attend school and exercise. He’s currently taking online courses due to COVID, and he has major issues with the blurriness and screen use.

After completing his evaluation process, we determined he had the following neurological issues:

It turns out he has been eating a highly anti-inflammatory diet which has helped many of his symptoms over the last 2 years, but it hasn’t changed his neurological firing patterns.

He began our Dizziness program and within weeks is feeling almost back to normal. He has attended 2-3 visits each week on average, and has done a great job completing his home therapies.

If these symptoms are something you’ve been struggling with, please don’t hesitate to schedule yourself or someone you know neurological evaluation and go through our dizziness program. 480-756-2600