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What to Expect

At Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center, we work with a wide demographic of patients with chronic and complex neurological conditions as well as muscular and general chiropractic ailments.

New patients with complex conditions, and those being referred from other physicians and practitioners will receive the Comprehensive Evaluation as we investigate your particular symptoms and conditions, their origin, and how it has been affecting you neurologically and immunologically.



Detailed health history review, neurological/structural eval, diagnostic testing, trial therapy if applicable*
  • The Comprehensive Evaluation includes all 3 diagnostic tests: VNG, computerized posturography (balance analysis), reaction time testing, saccadometry
  • The Basic Evaluation includes only 1 or 2 condition specific diagnostic tests if indicated


Report of findings, review all test results as indicated. Watch VNG video, look over graphs, and introduce care plan (also evaluate/report on blood chemistry panel if previously provided and ordering of additional labs will be recommended if indicated). Therapies introduced if indicated


Care plan starts, receive treatments in office, home therapies are given if indicated, testing follow ups as needed. Initial care plans vary from intensive 1-2 week programs of up to 3 visits per day (for most patients who travel from out of town) otherwise programs range between 4-6 trial therapy visits to 2-3x/week for 4-6 weeks plus additional care following as needed–HOWEVER THIS VARIES from patient to patient, sometimes more or less.

Metabolic prot rams and weight loss programs may be longer or shorter, typically starting with a minimum of 2-3 months for changersto lab results.


VNG (Videonystagmography)Videonystagmography

Infrared goggles are used to record all eye movements which help to localize areas of weakness in brain based neurological dysfunction (see video). This measures:

  • nystagmus
  • visual vertical
  • gaze stabilization
  • pursuits
  • saccades
  • optokinetic nystagmus
  • and vestibulo-ocular reflexes
  • all measures in the horizontal and vertical planes.


Head-mounted and laser-guided eye tracing device that records:

  • eye reaction times
  • accuracy
  • And the flight of the eye
  • at 1000 measurements per second (1000hz)

Computerized Posturography

Computerized balance testing with eyes open and closed on both flat and foam surfaces designed to Sport Portable Product Packagemeasure:

  • proprioception
  • vestibular function of the inner ear
  • eye stability
  • and the integrity of all 3 systems working together.

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