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April 2018 Concussion Webinar Post

  Dr. Teames discusses multiple aspects regarding concussions, the intracellular and extracellular environment, the inflammatory cascade of concussion, what your doctor isn’t telling you, and discusses nutritional and therapeutic strategies to healing concussion.

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Neuro-Rehabilitation for Post Concussion Syndrome

Listen to one of our patients story of recovery from post concussion syndrome. On average, most of our patients have seen 5-7 specialists in the concussions arena. What sets our office apart is our individualized care plan and intensive therapy program that is developed based on our advanced diagnostic testing procedures all concussion patients undergo. The intensive […]

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Healing Dysautonomia

Rachel came to me when her body turned against her. Her brain and body connection was terrible. She would move one arm, and the other arm would turn blue and become extremely painful, and she brought in pictures to prove it! To see more success stories, click here

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Atypical Facial Pain and Gut Infection

Dr. Teames reviews a recent patient experience. He discusses how gut infection, stress, and the immune system play a role in opportunistic bacteria and how they can become pathogenic resulting in symptoms. He put this together for both patient and doctor but does not give a treatment protocol because there are more factors involved in […]

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